Find out about specific healthcare organizations

The Healthcare Organization Reports, Summary Reports and Quality Measure Reports each provide information about healthcare organizations.

Healthcare Organization Report: HealthQuality CT provides a scorecard report for each rated healthcare organization. Each Healthcare Organization Report includes that organization’s ratings and scores for each quality care measure available. The website of the organization is also provided for those interested in learning more about its services and providers. To do so, click on the name of the organization to go to its website.

  • You can find the results for a specific healthcare organization by clicking here.
  • To learn how to search for results, click here: Search for Results.

Summary Reports and Quality Measure Report: Results for all of the rated healthcare organizations are shown in the Summary Reports and in each Quality Measure Report. The results view for these reports shows all rated organizations.

  • You can use the “Compare Healthcare Organizations” filter menu to show results for the organizations of your choice. Choose one or more organizations by checking boxes next to the organization’s name. show example

  • If you would like to navigate to the full results for an organization, click on that organization’s name when it appears in the results table or graph. show example