Search for Results

The HealthQuality CT Report for 2018 presents the quality care ratings in three report formats:

  • Summary Report: see how healthcare organizations compare in overall performance.
  • Healthcare Organization Report: see all of the results for a specific healthcare organization. Each Healthcare Organization report includes its scores and ratings for each quality care measure as well as a link to the organization’s website.
  • Healthcare Quality Measure Report: see all of the healthcare organization scores and ratings for a specific measure. Each measure report includes the scores and ratings for all of the rated organizations as well as a definition for the measure, hyperlinks for more information about the condition, procedure or topic addressed in the measure, and links to a detailed description of the data analysis and rating process used for the measure.

You can search for results from the home page, the Scorecard menu on the website header, or the Search Table option on the scorecard results pages.

  • Home page: From the home page, use one of the three “Get Started” options. To do a search, pick the report option you are interested in, the report year and choose to view the ratings for care delivered to patients with commercial, Medicaid, or Medicare insurance. Availability of results for care delivered to the Medicaid and Medicare populations are anticipated in Summer 2019.
  • Scorecard menu: Use the Scorecard menu located on the website header to choose the type of report you would like to view. To choose a report type, select Summary Results or either a Healthcare Organization Report or a Quality Measure Report from the drop down menu. The default results view includes the 2018 HealthQuality CT results for care delivered to patients with commercial insurance.
  • Healthcare Organization or Quality Measure scorecards using “Search Table”: On the Healthcare Organization Report and Quality Measure Report pages, you can search for specific results in the results table by entering key search words (such as health conditions or procedures and organization names) into the “Search Table” box. The table then shows only results with the selected word(s).